Tackling global challenges through nanomaterial innovation

Our research areas

Originally established in 2003 to focus on the the emerging area of nanomaterials research, the centre has since evolved to a large, multi-disciplinary group. The current research focus is the synthesis and characterisation of nanomaterials in the three key areas of energy, environment and health.

A major component of research at the nanomaterials centre investigates new nanomaterials for clean energy generation, storage and applications.
Current environmental research at the Centre focuses on conversion of feedstock to biofuels and chemicals and applications in agriculture and veterinary science.
Health care is another application area in which functional nanomaterials show great promise. Centre research efforts focus on nanomaterials for drug, protein and gene delivery as well as materials for biosensing.

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International Conference on Materials Innovation 2023 (ICMI23)

For more detailed information, please refer to the conference website: https://icmi23.com/