Dr Miaoqiang Lyu wins prestigious Early Career Industry Research Fellowship

16 Oct 2018

Dr Miaoqiang Lyu wins a Queensland Government Industry Research Fellowship with the research project 'Low-cost and printable thin-film batteries for self-powered electronic devices'

The Honourable Kate Jones, the Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development and Minister for the Commonwealth Games, officially announced the 2018 awardees on 1st of November, 2018 at Parliament House in Brisbane.

Thin-film batteries are important for powering various wearable electronics and Internet of Things devices. However, manufacturing cost is one of the key challenges in thin-film battery sector. In close collaboration with Printed Energy Pty, Ltd., this fellowship will investigate printable inks for low-cost, roll-to-roll printed thin-film batteries, and demonstrate self-powered electronic devices integrated by thin-film batteries, flexible photovoltaics and RFID (radio frequency identification device) as one potential application.