Unlocking the technology to produce unbreakable screens

29 October 2021

Dr Jingwei HouProfessor Lianzhou Wang and Professor Vicki Chen have led a global team in the research that has unlocked the technology to produce next-generation composite glass for lighting LEDs and smartphone, television and computer screens.

The findings will enable the manufacture of glass screens that are not only unbreakable but also deliver crystal clear image quality.

Dr Hou said the discovery was a huge step forward in perovskite nanocrystal technology as previously, researchers were only able to produce this technology in the bone-dry atmosphere of a laboratory setting.

“The emitting materials are made from nanocrystals, called lead-halide perovskites,” he said.

Other team members from The Nanomaterials Centre include Dr Zhiliang Wang, Dr Peng Chen, and Dr Xuemei Li.

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Publication;    Liquid-phase sintering of lead halide perovskites and metal-organic framework glasses   

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